Wood in its most natural form lies at the heart and soul of our company Alpenholz Metzler Handels GmbH & Co KG, and even in the fifth generation it continues to occupy first place. Our widely diversified range of products makes the connoisseur‘s heart to beat faster. We spare no effort in order to maintain a consistent high quality in our solid timber products, raw materials are obtained from the best growing areas of the Alps and the Alpine foothill regions with considerable effort. In this way we can ensure that a win-win situation develops both in relationships with our suppliers as well as with our customers – the guarantee for a long-term and successful business relationship lasting many years. Customers convinced of our quality form the basis of future challenges.

The cornerstones of the level of quality required, meeting deadlines and honesty towards our partners give us a unique selling point in our market sector, which we are entitled to be proud of. Our committed team is aware of this responsibility and works daily to reach and improve our goals.